502HP Chevy Engine 502 Crate Engine

Crate Engines - 502HP Chevy Engine 502 Crate Engine

With a claimed 502 horsepower and 567 Ft. Lbs. of torque this all new 502 cubic inch Chevy big block ZZ 502/502 crate engine has the torque and horsepower that will keep you grinning yet streetable manners that have your competition wondering what hit them. The ZZ 502/502 represents GM's best efforts to develop awe inspiring big block power in a dependable, durable and driveable big block crate engine. The ZZ 502/502's big valve aluminum heads help to keep weight down and the power up. Additionally, this king of the crate engines is full of heavy duty parts, to ensure that it will be making awesome power for a long, long time. With its forged aluminum pistons, forged shot peened steel connecting rods with 7/16" bolts, forged steel crankshaft, four bolt main block, stainless steel valves, 6 quart oil pan, and windage tray, the ZZ 502/502 seems more like a custom race engine than a crate engine. With a 5800 rpm redline it might just feel more like a custom race engine than a crate engine too. Available as shown requiring some assembly and further parts to complete or as a fully assembled engine the ZZ 502/502 is designed to meet your needs. This long block kit includes a fully assembled short block with 2.25" intake aluminum heads, valvetrain, aluminum valve covers, torsional damper and 14" automatic transmission flexplate.

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